Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Call for Presenters

During the next 10 months of 2014, we want to extend the opportunity to our member body to present to the group.  If you are passionate about a subject or want to force yourself to learn something interesting, consider becoming a presenter for the Tampa Java(VM) User Group.  As long as it is vaguely related to the JVM (with room for just about all technical topics) consider becoming a presenter.  It may even benefit your career.
Some suggestions
  • Java/JDK 8
  • Lesser Known Java Features
  • JDK Optimization for Production
  • Introduction to Scala (or Akka or Play Framework)
  • Ruby on the JVM
  • Groovy Today
  • The Grails Framework
  • Spring 4.0
  • Exploring MapReduce
  • Exploring M/R on Spark
  • First step with the Cassandra
  • A Look into Cascading / Scalding
  • Machine Learning on the JVM
  • Java on PaaS (Cloudfoundry, Heroku, GAE, Beanstalk, etc)
  • The JVM on
  • The JVM on Apache Mesos
  • JavaFX Today
  • Functional Programming on the JVM
  • Etc
You want to become a presenter? Send email to or DM @tampajug on Twitter.  Don't see your favorite subject in the list? Let us know and volunteer to share your ideas about your favorite tech.

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