Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 2014 - Scalable Enterprise Messaging with RabbitMQ

February 2014 Meeting
Hello, and get ready to attend our second meeting of 2014. The theme for our February 2014 meeting is around scalable, fast, and polyglot messaging using RabbitMQ, an open source enterprise-class messaging broker.  For this event, we will have speaker Vladimir Vivien (Pivotal Software, Inc) to show how RabbitMQ can scale to meet both your messaging and your business requirements with little fuss.   So come join us on Tuesday, February 25 at the KForce offices in beautiful Ybor to learn about RabbitMQ.

RSVP to gain access to the building at http://TampaJUG-Feb2014.eventbrite.com
NOTE: The meeting will be in Tampa this time at the KForce Offices in Ybor.
Scalable Enterprise Messaging with RabbitMQ
In many Java projects, messaging has traditionally been either an after thought or ignored all together .  Let's face it, the current JMS API (and the brokers that support it) are from the early EJB era where fragility rather than agility was the driving factor.  While JMS is the workhorse in numerous enterprises, it has several shortcomings that make it less than ideal for emerging polyglot and agile technological ecosystems.

This presentation is to provide a high-level introductory view of modern messaging using RabbitMQ, an open source messaging platform.  We will explore RabbitMQ protocols, its language-neutral approach to messaging, and how it can scale to handle your enterprise messaging needs.
Understanding the AMQP Protocol
Introduction to RabbitMQ
Messaging with Java + RabbitMQ
RabbitMQ as a Polyglot Messaging Broker
Scaling RabbitMQ for the Enterprise

Meeting Info
Speaker(s) : Vladimir Vivien
Date: Tuesday, Feb 25 2014
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 07:00 - 8:30 pm
KForce Tampa Offices
1001 E Palm Ave
Tampa, FL 33605

Meeting RSVP

Make sure to RSVP to ensure access to the building at http://TampaJUG-Feb2014.eventbrite.com

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