Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tampa JUG ProjectOne

ProjectOne is designed to foster member hands-on involvement by allowing them to create a simple Blogger client for the Tampa JUG website. There is no restriction on the type of clients that you can build. The only requirement is that it uses a JVM technology somewhere. For instance, your client can be a Java console-based, a Grails web application, an Android mobile app, or an Eclipse RCP, etc. the sky is the limit.


So, you have an idea a blog reader, here is how to get started and participate:
  • First, send email to Vladimir Vivien so you can get added to the project repository.
  • Wait for notification that you have been added to the project.
  • Create a local git repository by cloning https://code.google.com/p/tampajug-project-one/
  • Find appropriate sub-directory that matches the type of blog client you will create (i.e. Android goes in native-mobile-client).
  • Create a directory using firstname-lastname (i.e. vladimir-vivien)
  • Place your project in that directory.
  • Also, include a README.txt file in your directory to explain how to build your project.


For ProjectOne, you must build a Blogger client using any combination of technologies that originate on the JVM (language, runtime, etc). Google Blogger provides an extensive set of API to create and manage blog content on Blogger. To keep things simple, we will only use a small portion of the API to simply pull content from the Tampa JUG web site which is running on Blogger.
The Blogger client you create must present a list of blog entries and the ability to select and display an entry. Google provides APIs to access Blogger data as either GData (XML feed format) or JSON. You can use either one to access the blog data. The GData Java library seems rich enough to make it a good choice.
Here are some links you will find helpful to build your code:


One of the main goal of this project is to encourage member participation. Anyone with a good idea or want to try something new is welcome. Once you have built your master piece, you will have a chance to share your work with the rest of the group. In April (or May), we will have a special Tampa JUG meeting where you can present and talk about your implementation. As projects are submitted, they will also be featured on this web page so the authors can share their creation with the rest of the world.


  1. Are you guys still doing this? I just ran across it and thought about participating.

    1. Yes, we are still doing this. We've been sending weekly update. If you are interested send me (vladimir dot vivien at gmail) email so I can add you to repo.