Tuesday, December 28, 2010

January 2011 - Google Presents: Running GWT 2.1 on Google AppEngine

For our first meeting next year, we will have a presenter David Chandler (from Google) come to talk to us about Google Web Toolkit and Google AppEngine.  If you are not familiar with GWT, take a look at this overview http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/overview.html or you can learn more about AppEngine at http://code.google.com/appengine/.


The location for our meeting has changed as our sponsor as changed headquarter.  See the Location Info below for the new location on Rocky Point.

-= Presentation =-

What’s New in GWT 2.1
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) lets you build and optimize rich browser-based apps without having to be an expert in browser quirks, XMLHttpRequest, or JavaScript. In this talk, we'll look at powerful new capabilities in GWT 2.1 including MVP architecture with Activities and Places, client-server communication with RequestFactory, visual layout with GWT Designer for Eclipse, and performance optimization with SpeedTracer.

Launching scalable apps with Google App Engine

Google AppEngine lets you build and host scalable Web applications written in Python or Java on Google's infrastructure. We'll look at how to build and deploy a GWT+GAE application with Google Plugin for Eclipse and get an overview of building the App Engine way, including working with the Datastore, task queues, and quotas.

Speaker bio
David Chandler works with the Google Web Toolkit Team in Atlanta. An electrical engineer by training, Chandler got hooked on developing database Web applications in the days of NCSA Mosaic and has since written Web applications professionally in a variety of languages, including C, perl, ksh, ColdFusion, Java, JSF, and GWT. Prior to joining Google, Chandler worked on Internet banking applications with Intuit and launched a non-profit startup built with GWT and AppEngine.  Chandler holds a patent on a method of organizing hierarchical data in a relational database and blogs about Java Web development at turbomanage.wordpress.com.

-= Meeting Info =-

Speaker: David Chandler, Google, Inc

Date: Tuesday, 01/25/2011
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

-= Location Info =-

** NOTE ** The location for our meeting has changed (as our sponsor as changed headquarter).  Not the new address below:

GCA Technology Services
3031 N. Rocky Point Dr. West, Suite 450
Tampa, FL 33607

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Year End Review

The Tampa Java User is closing out a strong year once again with the help and support of its local members and sponsors.  This year, like previous years, we were able to bring you great topics, speakers, and content including

  • JavaFX

  • Apache Hadoop

  • RESTful Development with RestEasy

  • JSF 2.0

  • EhCache / Hibernate

  • Introduction to Sonar

  • Maven

  • Android Development

This year was a tumultuous year for the Java and its community with the transfer of ownership of the technology from Sun Microsystems (RIP) to now Oracle.  Many questioned the future of Java with Oracle.  All indications seem to show that Java is heading in a slow and steady beneficial directions for all of its users.

2011 Year

Looking ahead, we are going to continue to work hard to bring you great topics that are relevant to current and upcoming technologies.  Look for topics such as cloud/distributed computing, JVM languages such as Scala and Groovy, mobile development, HTML5/CSS, JEE, etc. I am excited to see what 2011 will bring.

Special Thanks

I want to thanks all of our sponsors who have continued to support the group throughout the year.  I want to specially recognize the following individuals for their indispensable support:

Amy Kessler - GCA Technologies

Jim Quasius - GCA Technologies

RJ Salicco - Co-organizer

Thank you and have a great Christmas and enjoy your holidays.
Vladimir Vivien