Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb 2010 Meeting Minutes

Last Tuesday (the 23rd of Feb) the Tampa Java User Group had a large turn out for the presentation on Hadoop.  Speaker Matthew McCullough did an outstanding job of effectively capturing the essence of a complicated subject in less than two hours.  The power of the technology was demonstrated when Matthew demonstrated Hadoop working on his laptop on problems that can easily scale to thousands of nodes.  We close the night with a drawing to the up coming Central Florida Software Symposium in April.  Congratulation to our winner.

-= Presentation Materials=-

Presentation Slides -

-= Tools/Technologies Mentioned =-

Apache Hadoop -
Great Hadoop Tutorials -
Companies/Project Using Hadoop -
Amazon Aws MapReduce -

-= Special Thanks =-
Matthew McCullough, Ambient Ideas, LLC (
Jay Zimmerman, NFJS Software Symposium (
Mark Nickols, TekSystems (
The folks at GCA Technologies (
RJ Salicco, Axiomatic IT (

-= Upcoming Events=-

  • Our presentation for March 200 is being prepared now.  Once we get confirmation from the speaker, we Feffwill send out an event note.  Stay tuned for the announcement.

  • Central Florida Software Symposium - we are privileged to host the Central Florida Software Symposium this year.  It will be held on April 16 -18.  Don't miss this opportunity to get recharged on the latest technologies and practices sweeping the industry.  The best part is it is local and you don't have to travel far.  If you are interested, see for details.

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