Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 2009 Meeting - Java in the Cloud: Web Apps on Google App Engine

For this August's meeting, scheduled for next week Tuesday 25, we will explore Java on the Google App Engine (GAE).  If you have not heard about GAE, it's a distributed web platform created and hosted by Google.  The company released GAE initially with support for Python and added Java earlier this year.  Today Java developers can use GAE to create scalable Java web application (purportedly on the same infrastructure used by the company).

-= Presentation =-
The followings will be discussed
- Quick introduction to GAE
- A look at the SDK and dev tooling
- Code! Code! Code! - build and deploy a small app on live instance

This will be a demo-based presentation with very little slides.  So,
bring your laptop and follow along as we explore the SDK, IDE, and
build a sample app.

If you can't wait, take a look at

-= Meeting Info =-
Speaker: RJ Salicco & Vladimir Vivien
Organization: Tampa Java User Group
Date: Tuesday, 08/25/09
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

If you plan to attend, arrive early as main door locks at 7.00 pm.  An RSVP email will be sent later from tampa.jug at [check spam filter]. Be sure to respond so we can plan accordingly.  There will be food and plenty of prizes and giveaways.

-= Location =-
GCA Technologies Solution
4919 Memorial Hwy. Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33634
Google Map,+Tampa,+FL+33634

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