Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 2009 Meeting - Spring Framework's Dynamic Language Support

For March 2009, The Tampa Java User Group will hosts another great meeting investigating the use of the Spring Framework's dynamic language.  With the growth in popularity languages such as Groovy, Ruby, Python, etc JSR-223 introduced inherent support dynamic languages on the VM via the Scripting API.  In the next meeting, speaker RJ Salicco will explore how to integrate scripting  into your own Java developmen using the Spring Framework's support for dynamic languages.

You will receive a RSVP email (to follow later) to confirm your attendance so we can plan accordingly.  Arrive early and bring a colleague to enjoy this great topic.  There will be food and plenty of giveaways.

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-= Presentation =-
With the growing popularity of dynamic languages like Groovy and Ruby, speaker R.J. Salicco will discuss and demonstrate Spring's support for dynamic languages inside the Spring container. The presentation will cover a quick introduction to the basics of the Spring Framework and explore the followings
* how to create a Spring POJO backed by a dynamic language
* How to use the <lang:language/> Spring configuration tag to declare your dynamic bean
* Refreshing dynamic beans at runtime without restart
* Wiring and injecting values into dynamic beans at runtime
* Use case scenarios such as MVC controllers, validators, and lightweight business objects that can change dynamically at runtime to accommodate an agile environment.

-= Meeting Info =-
Speaker: RJ Salicco
Organization: Axiomatic Inc
Date: Tuesday, 03/31/09
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

-= Location =-
GCA Technologies Solution
4919 Memorial Hwy. Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33634
Google Map,+Tampa,+FL+33634

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