Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009 Meeting Minutes

The Feb 2009 meeting was quite a success.  We had food, drink, and learned about OSGi.  Speaker Vladimir Vivien provided an introductory summary about OSGi, definition, how it's used, and it's role in the Java stack. There were plenty of code samples ranging from the simple HelloWorld to a demo that showed how to use OSGi bundles to handle file types.

-= Presentation Materials =-
Presentation slides (pdf) -
Presentation Demo Code - *
* All code in Eclipse project format, tested on Apache Felix.

-= Tools/Products Mentioned =-
About OSGi -
OSGi Alliance –
OSGi on InfoQ -
Free OSGi Book By Neil Barlertt (PDF) -
EclipseCon Presentation by Richard S. Hall (PDF) -
Eclipse Equinox -
Apache Felix -
Knopflerfish -
SpringSource OSGi -

-= Special Thanks =-
Vladimir Vivien - Presenter
TechUSA, Food Sponsorship
Axiomatic IT, Inc - Tampa JUG Site Hosting
GCA Technologies, Inc - Venue Sponsorship

Stay tuned for next month’s meeting announcement.

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