Friday, November 21, 2008

November 2008 Meeting Minutes

A great thanks to all of you who attended the November 2008 meeting on Java concurrency last Tuesday, Nov 18th.  This time the meeting's format was different: we all got to see Grails in action live from presenter RJ Salicco.  We walked through the development of a basic web application complete database, onfiguration, and GUI in about 1 hour.  Some attendees brought their laptops and participated right along with the presentation.

Looking forward to another exciting year in 2009.  Stay tuned!

-= Presentation Materials =-
Presentation slides and code -

-= Tools Mentioned =-
Groovy Home Page -
Grails Home Page -
Grails Plugins Repository -
Groovy Test Tools -
Groovy Test Coverage -
Groovy and Corbatura -
Ant Scripting with Groovy -
Groovy SwingBuilder -
Groovy Griffon -
IntelliJ IDE with Groovy/Grails support -
NetBeans 6.5 with Groovy/Grails Support -
Groovy/Grails Eclipse Plugins -

-= Special Thanks =-
RJ Salicco / Vladimir - Presenters
GCA Technologies, Inc

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