Friday, October 17, 2008

October 2008 Meeting - Practical Java Concurrency

Hello Java Fans!
For this month's meeting, we will explore the numerous tools available for building concurrency into your application.  Like most of us building multi-threaded applications in a safe manner is more of an art than a science.  Join speaker David Zaffery for this presentation as he takes an exploratory look at the many tools available for concurrency.

As usual, if you plan to attend the meeting, bring a colleague (or two).  There will be food, door prizes and giveaways.  An RSVP email will be sent later from tampa.jug at to confirm your attendance.

NOTE: meeting will be on Wed. October 29th (NOT our usual Tuesday).

-= Meeting =-
Practical Java Concurrency

The aim will be to illustrate the java.util.concurrency classes that allow multi-threaded Java applications cooperate more effectively, avoiding excessive waiting for resources, as well as some of the concurrency pitfalls like deadlocks, race-conditions, etc.

- Threads
- Synchronized vs Locks
- Semaphores
- Concurrent data structures, i.e. ConcurrentHashmap
- Runnable vs Callables, and Futures
- Executor framework

- (time permitting some discussion of NIO selectors)

-= About the Speaker =-
David Zaffery is an Systems/Software Architect.  He started his career working for the Space Shuttle Program where he was first introduced to distributed systems.  Development of server-side applications has been his primary interest over the years since then.  Following this he went on to create serveral C/Unix multithreaded applications as well as GUI and device driver work.  He began working with Java in 1995, and felt that it was the future.  This eventually led him to become a Sun certified Java instructor in 2000 until 2003.  His current work focuses on enterprise application performance and design.

-= Meeting Info =-
Speaker: David Zaffery
Date: 10/29/2008
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

-= Location =-
GCA Technologies Solution
4919 Memorial Hwy. Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33634
Google Map -,+Tampa,+FL+33634

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