Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 2008 Meeting - JavaOne 2008 Wrapup

This month, we will have a special meeting with discussion centered around the JavaOne 2008.  This will be a summary of some of the emerging trends and technologies that were on display at JavaOne.  In the coming months, you will hear a lot more from Java Community about some of these technologies including:

  • Java SE Changes

  • Desktop /JRE Update

  • JavaFx

  • OSGi

  • JEE 6 / EJB 3

  • Groovy / Grails

  • WebBeans

  • Spring Framework

  • Etc

We will also discuss plans for the JUG for the rest of the year including upcoming talks, plan for our 1 day developer event, and JUG policies.

There will be tons of giveaways (books, tshirts, pens, trinkets, etc,) of stuff I got from Sun from the JUG and other treats I picked up from the conference.  If you are a Spring user, I got a nice gift for you. Hope  to see you there!

Meeting Details:
Speaker: Vladimir Vivien
Date: 5/27/08
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

GCA Technologies Solution
4919 Memorial Hwy. Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33634
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