Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 2008 Meeting Minutes

The 2008 March meeting was a great success. We had 34 people in attendance and the room was filled to capacity. Speaker Ed Lance (from nTier Training) provided an engaging presentation on Hibernate. Ed made sure the class participated by giving all participant a chance to be a millionaire. Anyone who asked or answered a question or just for making a comment received a FL Lottery ticket! We never had these sorts of incentives to participate, but it worked!

The presentation was based on 3-day course taught at nTier. While its hard to cover everything, Ed provided a good introductory coverage of Hibernate and the basic idea behind ORM including mapping, relationship, querying using criteria and HQL. As usual, there were food, T-shirt, and book giveaways.

Special Thanks to all Sponsors
GCA Technologies - http://www.gca.net/
nTier Training - http://www.ntiertraining.com/
Rita Technologies - http://ritatech.com/
Axiomatic IT, Inc - http://axiomaticit.com/
Sun Microsystems - http://java.sun.com/community/usergroups/

See you next month!

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