Friday, November 23, 2007

November 2007 Meeting Minutes

The November meeting was extremely successful. Speaker Stephan Schwab of Camito Technologies delivered an excellent overview of agile (Scrum) development. Stephan explored the different steps involved in agile methodologies and how to adapt your current practices and move into agile development. He also addressed the impediments that people usually bring forth as the reason for not adopting agile.

In the last part of the presentation, Stephan presented Saliva, a tool that supports agile development. Camito Technologies, based in Panama (the country, not the the Florida city) developed the tool as a a way to support their own internal agile methodologies.

We had a great turn out and thanks for everyone for supporting the group.

Presentation Materials
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Further Info - Some Agile Presentations
http://www.infoq. com/presentation s/The-Roots- of-Scrum
http://www.infoq. com/presentation s/principles- agile-oo- design
http://www.infoq. com/presentation s/agile-leadersh ip-tim-lister
http://www.infoq. com/presentation s/role-of- testing-in- agile-scott- ambler
http://www.infoq. com/presentation s/tabaka- homers-odyssey

Special Thanks
Stephan Schwab - Presenter
Axiomatic IT, Inc - Food
GCA.Net - Venue

Stay-tuned for the December event...

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