Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Parking Info for Tampa JUG's Google October Meeting at USF

If you are not familiar with USF's campus, use this as a guide. You will need parking permit to park at any USF parking. So, bring cash!!! You can do the metered parking (I think they are 2Hr long and limited to certain lots), or buy a daily permit for $4.00 at parking Parking Info Center (see map ). Keep in mind that there are classes going on at that time, so traffic and parking on campus will be a little busy.

The easiest way to get on Campus is:
- Head north on Learoy Collins Blvd, USF's main entrance (from Fowler Avenue )
- Buy daily parking permit at Campus Parking Info Center (on you right, see map ).
- Park at one of these lots {GZ2, 8A, 47, 47T, 8C}.
- Continue on L Collins Blvd for lot GZ2.
- Use Alumni and Magnolia Drive to access lots 8A and 47(T).
- Walnut Drive and lot 8B are closed due to constructions.
- The event is in the Chemistry building, room 103.
- See highlighted version of the campus map (chemistry bldg in blue).

For questions, send email to vvivien at yahoo dot com.

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