Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 2007 Meeting Minutes / Materials

Speaker RJ Salicco provided an introductory coverage of Ant and its basic structure. He introduced the basic structure of an Ant build system and how to effectively structure your Ant script files for modularization and reusability. We also looked at the more popular ant tasks that can be beneficial for enterprise development. Finally, the presentation included code on how to create your own Ant task if needed (see link below for custom Ant task that generates an RSS file that you can incorporate in your build).

Presentation Materials
Ant Presentation (pdf)
Simple Project with Ant build
RssEcho - Custom Ant Task (see readme file for usage)

Special Thanks
GCA.Net (venue) - Amy for taking care of the group and staying late
Sun Microsystems - Support for the JUG
RJ Salicco - Presenter
EMS/Intelligent Choas - Pizza

Don't forget, in July, we will have a special meeting by Sun Microsystem on NetBeans.

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