Wednesday, April 4, 2007

March 2007 Presentation Materials

The materials for the March 2007 presentation, Using Java Messaging with JBoss and Spring, are now available. In this presentation, speaker Ginige DeSilva, provided great insight into the notion of Java Messaging and how to use it using open source tools such as JBoss application server and the Spring Framework.

Presentation Materials
For your convenience, the samples are provided as full Eclipse projects which include the necessary compile libraries. If use different IDE, you should be able to easily import and setup your project with the provided source files.
- Presentation File (pdf /319 KB)
- JMS Client Project - (zip / 8.5 MB)
- JMS Project (zip / 11.4 MB)
- JBoss Queue Config Files (zip / 2 KB)

If you have any question about the presentation, email the speaker (email address found on the first slide of presentation).

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