Thursday, February 15, 2007

February 2007 - Apache iBatis: Persistence Made Easy

Apache iBatis is described as a Data Mapper framework, which makes it easy to create database persistence for both Java and .Net. Other tools in this space, commonly known as object relational mapping tools (ORM), take a more complex approach by mapping your data objects and automatically. This automation usually comes at a cost.

iBatis provides a simpler approach to persistence. The developer maps the data objects using in an XML file and provides the SQL or the stored procedures to handle the data persistence. This simpler approach has been the catalyst behind the fast adoption of iBatis as a data mapping tool.

A year ago, book author and presenter Larry Meadors did a superb presentation on iBatis. He will be back to the Tampa JUG to show us the beauty and simplicity of iBatis and why you should consider for your next project. iBatis is already a top-level Apache project and is gaining momentum as viable alternative to tools such as Hibernate. Checkout iBatis .

About the Presenter:
Larry Meadors has been a Web and Java developer since the late 90s. He has been involved with open source software from the beginning, and has been a committer on the iBATIS project since 2003. He is co-author of "iBATIS in Action" for Manning Publications, and is now the owner of a small IT consulting company.

Meeting Detail
Speaker: Larry Meadors
Date: 02/27/07
Networking: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

GCA Technologies Solution
4919 Memorial Hwy. Suite 150
Tampa, FL 33634
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RSVP: send email to vvivien at yahoo dot com

Monday, February 12, 2007

Meeting Minutes - Jan 07

The Tampa JUG January meeting was the best attended to date. We had 25 in attendence to hear about the new features in the Java 6 release. The presentation focus on the more notable features of this new release, mainly:
- Performance improvements
- Desktop enhancements
- New database features
- Web Service improvements
- Runtime management and monitoring
- The new Script Engine API

Presentation Materials:
Exploring Java 6 Presentation (PDF)
Presentation Demo (zip)

Special Thanks:
- GCA.Net ( - Venue
- Michael Levin (Orlando/Gainesville JUG) - Door prize

Vladimir Vivien
Tampa Java User Group