Friday, November 3, 2006

October 2006 Meeting Minutes

I would like to thank all who attended the Tampa Java User Group October meeting. It was the best attended meeting yet with about 21 people in attendance. The presentation was about the use of JMX, Spring and Spring AOP to create highly manageable enterprise applications.

The discussion involved an introduction to the Java Management eXtension (JMX), the Spring Framework, and AOP. We the Spring’s MBeanExporter component which has the ability to transform any POJO into a JMX exposed managed bean. The presentation also discussed how AOP can be easily integrated with Spring to collect application states and exposed them as JMX managed bean attributes.

Presentations Materials

Materials for this presentation can be downloaded from this location.

Special Thanks
Vladimir Vivien - Presenter
Hudson ( - Food/Drink
GCA.Net Technology Center ( - Meeting Venue / Refreshments

See you in November!

Vladimir Vivien

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