Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 2006 Meeting Minutes

I would like to thank all who attended the Tampa Java User Group November meeting. The meeting was well attended with 17 people who wanted to hear about secure computing.

Speaker John Collins did a great job providing valuable information regarding general security and secure computing practices. The discussion revolved around the types of vulnerabilities and tools that are available to identify or exploit these vulnerabilities. Did you know that a badly written file-serving servlet can divulge the content of your web.xml? We also look at different type of attacks and the phases of attack and tools used in each phase.

Presentation Materials:
Click here to download presentation slides.

Special Thanks
John Collins - Presenter
Hudson ( - Pizza/Drink
GCA.Net Technology Center ( - Meeting Venue / Refreshments
RJ Salicco - Site hosting

The group has a great momentum and want to thank everyone for their continued support. See you next year!

Vladimir Vivien

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