Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 2006 Meeting Minutes

The Tampa Java User Group's May meeting had a great turn out with 16
people in attendance to hear about EBJ3. The presentation offered an
introductory look into the simplicity of the new EBJ3 technology.

The presenter, Dave Zafferey, a veteran of EBJ development, provided
valuable information about the new technology. He provided
comparative information between previous version of EBJ and the new
one. The presentation included plenty of code samples and an actual
demo using Jboss' implementation of EJB3.

Material for the presentation will be made available soon.

We look forward to see everyone at the next meeting. Bring a Java
friend next time.

Special Thanks:
Dave Zafferey - Presentater
RJ Salicco - Pizza man
Jim Quasius - Meeting Facilities

vladimir vivien

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