Thursday, March 2, 2006

February 2006 Meeting Minutes

The February Tampa JUG meeting was an indication of the continuing
success of the Java Group. We had 17 people in attendance from all
over the Bay area and the presenter, Larry Meadors, did a great job in
presenting and generating interest in Apache iBatis.

The speaker, Larry Meadors, heads Elm Software and is the author of
iBatis in Action due this May/June. Larry presented iBatis as a top
level Apache project that makes it easier to implement data
persistence. iBatis takes a simpler approach to object relational
mapping by letting the developer specify the SQL text. The sql-map
also allows the developer to create parameterized sql statement that
let values be passed in at runtime.

Larry provided few slides, but there were plenty of code samples that
presented the simplicity and power of iBatis. If you want to get
started with iBatis, check ou these links:


- Rick Reuman's iBatis Sites

I would like to thank:
Larry Meadors for the great presentation
Jim Quasius of CGA Technologies
RJ Salicco for his help

Vladimir Vivien

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