Wednesday, December 21, 2005

~ 2006 ~ Great Year for Tampa JUG

2006 will be a great year for Java in the Tampa Bay area. The Tampa
Java User Group plans to bring great speakers to cover current,
relevant, and interesting technologies. We want to bring a mix of
topics that include both practical and architectural subject matters.

2006 - The First Six Months

First Quarter
- Pragmatic SOA with Jini - 1/31/06
- Persistence with Apache iBatis - 2/28/06
- Secure Enterprise Service Architectures - 3/28/06

Second Quarter (Tentative)
- Web 2.0 - AJAX and XUL - 4/25/06
- Simpler Enterprise Beans with EJB3 - 5/30/06
- Java Scripting with Groovy and Jython - 6/27/06

These topics may change based on availability of speaksers. We
welcome any suggestions for topics of a technology or a platform that
you think deserve attention.

We look forward to a great 2006!