Wednesday, November 16, 2005

November 2005 Meeting Minutes

The November meeting was a complete success. I want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend.

The discussion focused on using Spring and Hibernate for developing application. The presentation covered several key inssues including background and introduction to Spring, an introduction to Hibernate object mapping, benefits and issues of using the two technologies for
web development.

A demo web application (Deamhome Property Management) was also shown to attendees so everyone can see Spring and Hibernate working together. The application encapsulates the major issues with the integration of Spring and Hibernate including DAO (Data Access Object) support, business object wiring, transaction demarcation, and web integration using Spring MVC. Code will be made available from the website. If you have any question about the material presented, email me vvivien at yahoo dot com.

Also, I would also like to think our sponsors:
- Kevin Melchin from Kforce for sponsoring the Pizza!.
- Jim Quasius of for our meeting location.

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Vladimir Vivien

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